Get the Best for Your Skin

Hi, I'm Donna.

I use the best skincare products on the market to give you the best results. With Control Corrective Skincare, you can say goodbye to acne, dryness, dark spots, and other common skin problems.

I chose skin care therapy because I wanted to make a difference in those that wanted younger looking skin. I wanted to be an educator on the importance of taking care of the skin. My philosophy and my passion is skin care and I am dedicated to making each and everyone that comes to my professional business for help gets exactly what they came for. I will work with everyone until you get the desired look you want and the comfort and relaxation you deserve!!

Treat yourself to a heavenly experience with a sweet treat, receive a home made cookie after your service.

Treat yourself to a heavenly experience with Donna.

Why Choose Donna

High Quality Skincare - I use Control Corrective Skin Care Line, along with the HOUSE of PLLA ( formally called Sculplla)
Expertise - Offering comprehensive, collection-based skincare with deep problem/solution focus, Control Corrective formulas deliver real life results in a practical and accessible way. We represent a new generation of skincare-combining skin restorative active ingredients, antioxidants, and an easy-to-work-with, color coded, and collection based system. Safe for all skin types.
Results - Safe for all skin types.

  • Affordable Services
    We offer a variety of services to fit every budget.
  • Expertise - Experienced Esthetician
    Donna can help with a wide range of services.
  • Friendly Atmosphere
    Our team is always welcoming and happy to greet new clients.

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