Happy New Year!!


I am excited to announce our new Facial we are adding to kick off the new year!

Fire and Ice Facial:

The fire and ice facial is designed to effectively resurface the skin, reduce skin issues of mature, aging skin, treat facial lines, and enhance the renewal of skin cells.    It guarantees the most stunning and effective results you’ve ever experienced.


What to expect during treatment


It is common for you to feel heat and a slight tingling sensation when the fire masque comes in contact with your skin.   It is also normal for you to feel the same when the fire masque is being removed from your skin.    The slight burning sensation will neutralize and your skin will be completely soothed once the rejuvenating ice masque is applied on your face.


The fire and ice facial has no down time.  You won’t experience any skin shredding redness, inflammation or irritation at all.   However, your skin may seem flushed but the effect will wear off within the next 4 to 6 hours.





November Newsletter

Heavenly touch November newsletter


Good morning!

I hope you had a wonderful summer! I have some exciting news for all of you that I am thrilled to pass on. First, I have a new machine and facial service. It’s called the Oxygen Spray Beauty Machine. Oxygen is infused with brightening agents, vitamins, protective ingredients, acne killing bacteria and much more to give your skin a healthy glow, while turning back years on your face! I am excited about this and I know you will be too!

I have recently started a loyalty club so each time you come in for a service, refer someone, buy a gift certificate, have a spa party, you will be given points towards some exciting skin care services and products!

Once a month, I will be honoring all my clients for client appreciation day with $35.00 stress free facials. The first one will be December 30th. Times will go fast so book ahead of time to get in on this HUGE deal!

All veterans and firemen will receive $20.00 off any skin care service not including reflexology.